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Beta items for AEW fans


Enter a list of wrestlers to track, on your profile you will see all results from those wrestlers matches over the past months.

See results from various shows during the week & get your own rss feed.

Coming Soon


Email Updates

Once you have added wrestlers to track you can choose to receive an email every Monday.

This will contain the current wrestlers you're tracking along with their results & shows they've appeared on if you want to go back & watch it.

Coming Soon


Match Ratings

All matches will have a rating system allowing you to log in & judge each match out of 7.

You will also be able to see what other people thought about it & see the highest rated matches.

Coming Soon


Match Commentary

Share your opinions on any AEW match, thoughts about the winner, that match winning distraction or the cheeky rollup & what it will lead to.

Also see what other people thought & start a discussion & help build a community.

Coming Soon